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How to Retire in Bali, Indonesia – 2017

One of the world’s better-known “island getaways” for a tropical holiday, Bali also has a substantial foreign community, with people from many nations,… 0

Vientiane – Life for the Expat in Laos 2017

Vientiane Nightlife, Clubs, Sex and Lao Family Life Even in 2017, due to low population in both the capital and smaller cities, there… 0

Philippines Retirement 2017

The extensive group of Southeast Asian islands that make up the Philippines (ROP – Republic of the Philippines) are also the retirement location… 0

Your Home in Asia 2017

fa40453813c5c7b2efa6d1a6f6ab69fe Retire early, vacation, relax, live better on less in many Asian countries: your hard currency will often buy you more. Find the… 0

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RETIRE ASIA CONTACT FORM NO SPAM! PLEASE DO NOT use this form for offers of any sort: products, site improvements, extra traffic, SEO,… 0

Cellular Internet Terms, Acronyms

Acronyms – IMEI USSD GSM 2G GPRS EDGE 3G UMTS HSPA HSDPA HSPA+ 4G LTE WIMAX 3.5G – HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access)… 0

Languages in Asia

The Advantages of Learning an Asian Language There are distinct advantages to learning the language of the country you have chosen as your… 0

World Religions

The world’s main religions, faiths and philosophies, both Eastern and Western, form a significant part of the cultural differences between various nations and… 0

Lao Language of the Heart

Expressions from the ‘heart’ (jai) of Lao culture and traditions Most people are aware of the existence of major differences between Asian and… 0

East–West Cultural Differences

Culture Change, East West Cultural Differences in Southeast and East Asia What or who is actually an ex-pat or expat which is an… 0

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